Zonk! Light Framework for PHP5

Latest version 1.3.0

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Zonk! is a lightweight skeleton web application framework implementing the hierarchical model-view-controller design pattern (HMVC) made for Apache web servers running PHP5.

It is not the first or the last PHP framework. There are a bunch of it out there. So why should You use this?! I tell You why:

It's free.
It's unit-tested.
It's open source.
It runs out of the box.
It's maybe the most simple PHP5 framework available.
It's a skeleton web application which You can simply extend to Your needs.

It is right for You if:

  • You're a PHP5 developer
  • You're looking for an intuitive web application framework with a small learning curve
  • You just want to implement Your ideas as fast as You can on the web or intranet
  • You don't want to code standard application functions again and again
  • You like design patterns, but don't need an over-engineered piece of software

It is not for You if:

  • You're looking for a CMS
  • You don't like object-oriented programming
  • You don't know what a template is


  • hierarchical MVC (HMVC)
  • completely OOP/OOD
  • DB-independent
  • SEO-friendly URL's
  • template system
  • module system
  • language handling
  • application & controller filters possible


  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite module and at least PHP 5.1
  • Linux system recommended, but should work on a Windows systems as well
  • optional: MySQL or PostgreSQL + PDO driver (other databases possible through PDO drivers)
  • optional: PHP command-line interface (PHP CLI) if cron job scripts will be used

If You like it, send me a real postcard (yes, the offline thingie) from where You live or buy me a beer if You talk to me or donate something. If You don't like it, tell me why or simply don't use it.

Last but not least: use it at Your own risk. This software comes without any warranty.